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I Still Believe...

I still believe in unicorns,
In butterflies, and life renewed.
I still believe in second chances.
I still believe in me and you.

I know, it's crazy.
I know, you're out of reach.
I know, nothing's changing.
I know. I still believe.
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I look towards the future,
I long for the past.
Between light and then darkness I flutter.
Am I losing the only magic I have ever known,
or am I moving towards a kind not yet discovered?
Mundanity surrounds me and I weep.
Yet feel comforted by known pattern and rhythm.
Am I losing my mind?
Or learning to reach for the stars with my feet firmly grounded.
A song comes on the radio, or simply plays through my mind.
And I remember.
Eyes staring into my own, alike as two peas in a pod
But I gaze into different eyes now.
A soul whose torments were also my own.
Now a new soul reaches for healing.
Understanding unspoken.
It simply was, like time and death and the weather.
Now I fight to understand and despair of being understood.
"Is this what I want?" I ask myself.
"Going back is impossible," is my only reply.
The path is not finished, the road still demands walking.
'Til i reach my destination, or at least find peace in travelling.
I'll always remember a wayside station,
Where *now* was all that mattered,
and forever was a day.
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To the one who knows.....

Though my dreams often turn to you
And my heart remembers still
Your smile, your laughter, the light in your radiant eyes
I am learning to move on.

Though my strength is drained by weeping
And at night I feel the pain
Of distance, regrets, and things left unspoken
I am learning to move on.

When memories haunt my daytime
And loneliness is my friend
Companion, constant, clinging to me still
I am learning to move on.

Though he doesn't have your magic
And understanding takes some effort
Communication, frustration, determined this will work
I am learning to move on.

Keep your peace and keep your magic
And memories with us still
Cherished, treasured, beyond all price and measure
I am learning to move on.
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All those misty mornings
Awakening in the dark from a dream.
Nothing is what it seems.
Shadows follow me all day,
I feel the shadows condense
They form a blinding light
My future is revealed
with you.
Still shadowed, still scared
But reassured
Because now I know
Faith and hope I'll find
My shadows I'll lay at your feet
To be destroyed
Then at last I'll be made whole
My doubts will R.I.P.
I shall be happy
And innocent once again.
So I pray to end this day
This day of destiny


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