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I believe in true love, in the sense that I can love someone truly and deeply, and be loved that way by them in return. That connection can deepen and grow and change and become a richer and fuller thing over time. I do not believe in "one-true-love". I've already had at least 2 relationships that are categorized in my head as "true love". Both have helped me to be the person I am today, though one was much more destructive for me when it ended.

That's the one that has me believe in love at first sight. I'd talked with this person online for 2 weeks, but when we met face-to-face for the first time, I felt like I'd been struck by a bolt of lightning. I'd made a strong connection with him when chatting online too, but it was nothing compared to what I felt when we first laid eyes on each other.

For almost all of my other relationships, there hasn't really been love at first sight. There has been a sense of connection, a kinship, a sharing, but not love. Sometimes love follows for me after I dream about a person. Sometimes, it's just seeing them in a different way, maybe *really* seeing them when they've just been a background presence in my life up til then.

"Love defines its boundaries, with limitless shapes and countless forms..." - Gaia Consort. So too does falling in love. It can happen in so many ways, from attraction and crush, to love-at-first-sight, to gentle growing together and realization after years of friendship, to sudden catalyst-shifts like a supersaturated solution instantly crystalizing. These days, I don't want to idealize any particular form of love, or any particular way of finding love. I want to feel joy in any form that comes my way.


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