Feb. 23rd, 2009

Book post.

Feb. 23rd, 2009 09:30 pm
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26. Chill of Fear by Kay Hooper
27. Sleeping With Fear by Kay Hooper
28. Blood Sins by Kay Hooper
Three more of the Bishop/SCU books. Definitely liked Chill of Fear the best of these, though the number of cast members in Blood Sins was a treat as well.

29. Sperm Are From Men, Eggs Are From Women: The Real Reason Men and Women Are Different by Joe Quirk. I'd definitely recommend this book to any biology geeks out there with a bawdy sense of humor. He's got a lot of cynical, though mostly heteronormitive things to say about the human species. However, I do appreciate the nods a couple of chapters give towards why homosexuality is a persistent and persistently useful trait, and how very prevalent it is in nature.

30. The Girl With the Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts. I've remembered feeling a connection with this book for about 20 years. Only refound it and re-read it this year though. It.. brought up a bunch of stuff, but I still find that useful. I'd recommend it to any person who wonders why others act oddly towards them for being "different". It's not the best book in the world, but it had a lot to say to me at a vulnerable time in my life.

31. Mystic and Rider by Sharon Shinn. I picked this up mostly on a whim, and I now have the rest of the series on hold. I may be browsing the non-used bookstores next weekend to see if I can get these faster than the library can provide them. Excellent beginning to a fantasy series, and a great reminder of why I like Sharon Shinn's novels.

32. Stealing Shadows by Kay Hooper. Finally acquired and read the first of the Bishop/SCU novels. It's very different from the rest of the series. I think it has the most explicit sex scene of all the novels. Also, there's several characters I expected to see in this book, and only one of them showed up and much later than I expected. I can see some of the red herrings she set up that only work if you haven't read any of the other books first. All in all, a good read, but the author definitely got better as time went on.

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