Jan. 29th, 2009

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When I was in my teens, I acquired the Jekyll & Hyde musical soundtrack. I have adored this particular musical, and especially certain characters within this musical, all that time.

A number of years ago, I went to go see this musical on stage. To say that I walked out of there horrified would be an understatement. The best I could weakly explain to the people who joined me at the time was, "That's not the musical I fell in love with."

Thanks to Wikipedia and me idly wondering about that difference, I found out why the two were so different. Evidently there are 3 different versions of this musical (at least), and the one that I adore has never made it to the stage. It's a concept album, and the whole thing was recorded in the studio. Don't ask me why this information failed to make it into my perceptions until recently. Sometimes I have the weirdest gaps in information that I take in.

After finding out what caused that difference, I finally started watching the version on video that I have of Jekyll & Hyde. With David Hasslehoff in the starring role. Yeah, this thing hits whole new versions of bad, and not in the 80's slang sense. Still, it's interesting seeing how this compares with my memories of the musical on stage.

My main advice to people at this time is, "If you like the story of Jekyll and Hyde, and you want to listen to it being very well done with a lot of nuance and complexity, listen to the concept recording. If you want to watch something hilariously bad, please go see it in the theater or find the Hasslehoff version."


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