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Jan. 19th, 2009 10:35 am
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5. The Fat Girl's Guide to Life by Wendy Shanker - Overall I enjoyed this book. It gave me some interesting perspectives on weight-loss and obsession with same. If nothing else, I found it valuable for the very openness the author shows in sharing her own obsessive and contradictory mindset when it comes to these issues.
6. World War Z by Max Brooks - Probably not my best choice in reading material. Especially not when my housemates were elsewhere the night and morning I was reading this. However, i discovered that I couldn't put it down less for the degree it scared me and more for the quality of the writing and the way the various stories just grabbed me for their pathos and humanity. Probably one of the best post-apocalyptic fictions I've ever read.
7. Wanted by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones - This was a re-read, wanting to look this over again before re-watching the Wanted movie. I prefer the movie, but there's value in what the comic is doing, it hits me in a much more visceral place. I'm supposed to dislike the comic and its main character.
8-11. The Secret Books of Paradys by Tanith Lee (All 4 books in one collection: The Book of the Damned, The Book of the Beast, The Book of the Dead, The Book of the Mad.) - I've never read all 4 books at once, and this series especially makes one wonder if you'll come out the other side with your sanity intact.
12. Eyes of Crow by Jeri Smith-Ready - There's a lot that resonates with me in this book. It's taken me a while to get back to it, and to read the next book in the series. I now own all 3 books, and am curious to see where the series will go.

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